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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Which One Are You?

Do you identify as a Survivalist, Homesteader, Prepper, Farmer or Farmsteader? What makes each one unique? What can we learn from each other? In order to better define what our goals are, we explore each lifestyle to decide "Which one are we?" You can also follow along to think about "Which one are you?".

This video was fun because it was my first time editing. It was mostly my idea so I take pride in that. It was an opportunity to talk about some funny off ramps that we might have taken on our journey. Many days I am pinching myself thinking how the heck did we get here? This is all new to me. I am confident in my problem solving ability and work ethic but at the end of the day I am still saying to myself, what did I get int to?

Talking about the differences and similarities was helpful to us and we hope that you will find value in it also. We have watched a lot of Youtube videos and at some point I started to wonder, "Have they gone all in?" If they hadn't, do they plan to? When I say all in I mean quit the comfort of a stable income from a traditional job. My goal is to make just as much money from our land as I do now at my current employer. That is scary and at the same time I am energized by the challenge. So the idea of making money from the land is a filter that I now see everything through. So now I feel more than a homesteader and I am definitely not a farmer. So I am somewhere in the middle and what does that mean? This is the first video that kind of sets up some of the business and marketing videos that we will do in the future.


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