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  • Kevin O'Rourke

What's in the Box? | A Special Delivery | Bear Bottom Acres

We get a very special delivery to Bear Bottom Acres. You will be seeing more videos about converting a storage container into a tiny cabin in the future.

We had a problem that needed to be addressed. We are spending more time on the road, packing and unpacking then we were on the our land. If you have ever managed your time between two properties then you know how many inefficiencies there are. First of all you always forget something important because you take the process of packing for granted. In the video you see that Heather and I both have shoe problems. The kids without a home spot are a little lost and start wondering when we are going before we get started on a project. We felt it was unsafe to camp overnight because of bears and coyotes. What are the chances that Sammie leaves traces of food all around the tent? 100%! How do we take advantage of all the people that are willing to help us out by lending a hand and not have a space to lay your head or cool down/warm up while taking a break? In this video you get to see the delivery of our solution to all of these problems and more. My to do list just got a mile long and our cash flow in our monthly budget got constricted a little more.

We are fortunate to have Heather's parents for many reasons. I really feel like Heather's father, Harlan, and I are becoming closer as he sees all of the things I accomplish on behalf of my family. The respect level is rising in the way he sees me and I in turn have a greater appreciation for all of the things he has accomplished. Their purchase of a cabin on a lake was a dream that he has had for years if not decades. This cabin is about 30 minutes from our land. When we were searching for land we drew a radius with their property as the reference point. We love that the kids have a relationship with their grandparents and I know that a driving force in their decision making was to make memories with not only our immediate family but also with Heather's sister, her husband and their two kids. One aspect of the purchase that we were immediately proud of was to provide a place for Heather's father to hunt deer. He deserves it.

They are so nice and they let us use their cabin whenever we want. We literally could not have bought raw land without the accommodations they provide. The fact is that it is 30 minutes away. You end up spending time packing things up and unpacking every day. The work you could get done if you walk out your door and get to work would be so much more productive. The most important thing we identified is that we were not present. When we were there we were thinking about our land. We were not appreciating what they were providing which was a comfortable place to shower and lay our head, a boat, fishing, and fun with the family. With the purchase of the storage container the intent of time spent will be clearly defined. If you see us on Facebook or Instagram you will notice that every minute that Heather and I have together fishing is valued immensely and without Heather's parents it would not be possible. Buying the storage container will be better for everybody in the long run.

If you are thinking of buying a storage container then you want to watch this video because we talk about the process of making the purchase. There are certain aspects that are important to look. More importantly is the way that the seller runs their business in what is essentially a commodity.


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