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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Welcome to our Bear Bottom Acres Youtube Channel

Hello this is our our very fist video that we launched on our Youtube Channel. I was dragging my feet dreading having to learn how to do editing. We purchased Adobe Essentials '15 previously when we first bought our camera and I had used some of the photo features with their built in tutorials but for some reason I just couldn't get going on the video.

It could have been that we were starting at the beginning of winter and we had agreed that we needed to be consistent in releasing videos and Heather and I agreed that once a week was doable. Spring is so far away and it was hard to think that we would have enough footage to get started and have a sustainable effort.

We closed on the land in August of 2018 and we made it up there twice that year. The land is raw, there is nothing there so we had to find a balance of getting to know our land while not souring the kids on the experience. It was also the first time using the drone and there is definitely a learning curve. Just like any skill, driving a drone is something you should practice if you want to have attractive video to use. We were using it as a tool to understand what we bought. We made it up there a second time but the season had already changed and the land was looking pretty barren. We asked ourselves if this was footage that we really wanted to use in introducing our land and the answer was no. Also it was windy so now that we had an ideas of what we wanted to film we suffered from being novices in filming in challenging situations. We need to buy microphones with effective wind barriers.

All that being said this is our first video and it exists because Heather hunkered down and taught herself how to use the editing software. Heather through us in to the deep end of the pool when I just wanted to dip my toes in. So here we go..........We hope you like it.


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