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We Made Our First Sale | Unique Garden Tools | Bear Bottom Acres

If you are unfamiliar we were lucky enough to win a haul of seeds from Jessica Sowards at Roots and Refuge. She sent so many. I partially blame her for accelerating the path that we are on. With so many seeds Heather needs more garden space. You can see a previous video were I built her a couple more raised beds but now I am willing to give up the space that I spent so many hours on and yes Heather did help but I really felt like it was my landscape garden. Now it will be our garden which makes both of us happy.

Well what do you do when you want to redo all your gardens.................Plant Sale!!! Maybe Memorial Day weekend wasn't the best time to have a sale but hey we made some money while we were gardening how great is that? After the first day it hit me that we actually made our first dollar as Bear Bottom Acres when we sold a Hosta for $3.

What I like is to dig something up repot it and then give it some sun and water and it looks a lot better than being fresh out the the ground. Now when ever we are outside gardening we will put up some signs. We sold stuff for either 4 for $10 or 3 for $10 so the average sale was an even multiple of $10 most times. That is worth taking a break and having a conversation and it really isn't anymore additional work.

I do not think we got that much traffic pulled in from our signs on the busier roads by us but it let our neighbors know that we wanted to have them stop by and then I posted it on Facebook on some local groups and then Facebook Marketplace. Then starting at about 7 PM ding, ding, ding, DING, DING! My phone started blowing up. People were wondering if we were going to be open Sunday. Darn right we are even though I had to work in the morning and Heather had to work at night.

I really need to give an appreciative shout out to all of the people that work for me. They genuinely seem to be excited that an old guy is tackling all of these social media platforms and seeing how Heather and my dreams are coming to reality. They do make sacrifices to help out. Alyssa switched some hours with me so I could help Heather because everyone showed up and once. Heather was like.... "After you dig up those two will you dig up these ferns and then those bleeding hearts over there." It was a lot of fun.

Then in this video you see some gardening tools from Root Assassin. It just seemed natural to show them off since I was using them all. We are not affiliated with them but it is one company that I would be honored to work with. If they see this or you read it and you have some pull with the company get me a hook up, I would be so excited. Their stuff is smart, strong, and durable. It really is the best I have seen and I spent a lot of time looking.


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