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  • Kevin O'Rourke

We Decided To Go For It

Bear Bottom Acres | We decided to go for it and make a major purchase to help us clear the land this year and have some fun, too.

I am so excited that Heather said we could go ahead and move forward with this purchase. If you want to do something than you can easily rationalize a way to justify it. I think I am actually more reluctant to pop the tag because we have been enjoying the increased cash flow since Heather started her new job and the payments on our Toyota Prius C have come to an end. We have been living lean for so long. It felt a little shameful to splurge.

I have been driving a 2000 Red Chevy Blazer. It was falling apart. The back bumper was disintegrating. The tires were balding. The shocks were not shocking. The radio cut out. No AC. It would hesitate when you first started out unless you let it run for 5 minutes. Finally it started to stall when I was going 65. All of a sudden it slowed to 25. I called my mechanic and he told me what to do to reset the computer and I didn't have a problem after that but.....Could you imagine if that happened with Ozzie in the car? He probably would have never left the house ever again. The worst is that it had cheap "Tribal Decals" which made it one of a kind and stuck out in the community when I would park it at work.

Well, we bought a 2014 Chevy Equinox LTZ with 90k miles. Champagne Gold. We had to add the towing package so I know that the V6 engine was not overworked. Originally I though we wanted a truck but Heather and I discussed and we said this purchase is for the the next 5 to 8 years and when you considered how you were going to be using it and the kids' comfort in mind it was an easy decision. Actually after finding it online I went and purchased it the next day from a local dealership.

Now with a vehicle that had the ability to opened the door for an ATV. I wanted to go used but as you can see in the video I got scared. The machines I was thinking of are still available so they must not be priced right. Most importantly I get very worried about bad gas left in small engines for long times. So I headed to the closest dealership in Red Wing, Minnesota.

After 5 minutes of explaining what I was looking for the sales person recommended a Side by Side. It was a no-brainer for convincing Heather. A roll cage is nice as long as you keep you limbs inside. It was intuitive for teaching the kids to drive. It is only 50" wide so there is nothing in the market that is a direct competitor. It will be able to go on all trails based on it's width.

We added some accessories like the roof and windshield but what I am most excited about is the upgrade to 27" wheels instead of the stock 24" wheels. This will allow it to go faster with less effort. It will have more ground clearance. it will be a smoother ride, especially when you let a little air out of the tires.

We are now part of the Honda Pioneer 500 family and the Honda Club. We are really excited to make some memories with the kids and with just Heather and I enjoying the 100s of miles with the Soo Line trail being so close.


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