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  • Kevin O'Rourke

We Can't Get To Our Land

Due to record flooding this year, there are 8 acres of land that we haven't been able to set foot on yet due to a swollen creek. This video has our candid discussion of what we plan to do about it as well as drone footage of the problem.

This is the first video where we are on camera and there is a lot that we learned from it. First of all the lighting is horrible everything is amber because of the fluorescent lights. After this we decided to get a couple of studio lights. We also realized how difficult it was going to be when we are competing with kids, cats, and background noise.

We also in retrospect felt that the title was a bordering on click bait. We want to be transparent in everything we do so it was a good exercise to know what to stay away from because you feel like you need to do gimmicky things in order to grow but we decided that we would rather grow slow and steady rather than anything that feels icky. We might have named our farmstead Tegridy Farms but Randy from South Park beat us to it.

Most importantly Heather and I felt like we had pretty good rapport on camera. Both of us agree that our videos will be much better if we do them together.

People have asked in the comments section on Youtube asking us what we want to do with the 8 Acres on that side. We want to create a Hunters cabin that could comfortably house a family of seven. My best friend and his wife have 5 kids and we figure if we make something that would be comfortable for them then it would work for 90% of our possible guests.

We want it to be separated from where our house will be for a couple of reasons. We will have daily chores where our guests will be on vacation. Not everyone will be a close friend. It could be another revenue stream if the weather turns bad on the Soo line which is a 300 mile long ATV/Snowmobiling trail that is less than a mile away. It could be rented out for hunting. Heather's dad will have first option but if he can't make it up then maybe someone will pay for the opportunity. He pulled a doe off of it the first year and the taste of the venison was delicious. We plan on putting up food plots so there will be a sustainable herd to hunt. Most importantly we want people to feel comfortable. Having a little privacy is important. We want a place where time slows down and you would be able to appreciate the beauty that we will be creating. No schedules, no to do lists. If you want the experience of being a part of a working farm then we will have things for you to do. Otherwise read that book that you always wanted, take pictures and enjoy some fresh food.

In addition I think we should put our shooting range over there.


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