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  • Kevin O'Rourke

The Most Important Thing You Need With a Chainsaw | Why Would Heather Worry? | Bear Bottom Acres

Kevin starts clearing the path to get across the creek but first we talk about why we chose Stihl and the precautions we take when Kevin is alone on the land.

Heather worries about me and for good reason. Although I am not an idiot, I do a lot of idiotic things. Heather, I am sure will tell the story of me tying an electrical cord to a rake and throwing it up in a tree in attempt to pull down a branch that had fallen half way off the main trunk of a Black Walnut tree we had. All the neighbors were watching to see if I could do it and she must have been so embarrassed with the first impression we had made on our neighbors.

So as we we were watching Youtube videos on cutting trees we stumbled upon videos of things going wrong. When we finally stopped into our local chainsaw dealer and one of the first things he recommended was chaps. Then we started researching the purchase and more horrifying videos came up. So from our research Stihl made the best, most protective chaps on the market with six layers of protection and that is why I am now a Stihl man.

In this video we go over the protective equipment that Heather expects me to use and no matter how hot it gets their use is a must. In addition you get to see me use a chainsaw for the first time.....!!!!! Well let's just say I am a lot better now. Have fun watching!


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