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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Official Groundbreaking | Preparing the High Tunnel Site | Bear Bottom Acres

Our first official project on Bear Bottom Acres. We chose and prepare the site for our future high tunnel. We use a chemical free, no till method.

This is really cool and seeing the drone footage really put things into perspective because it was our first purposeful changing of the land. We were making our mark and when your eyes gaze over all that land it is so exciting to dream of what it will become three, five, ten or twenty years from now. In the near future I am excited to see if the black tarp method works for starting to clear the plot of land for growing.

This was the first time having the Side by Side on the land and I am so glad we made the investment. Moving that much rock would have wiped us out. The terrain has been shaped by time and erosion. I guess you can say that Mother Nature does not like smooth even surfaces. It can be easy to twist an ankle carrying something heavy over such a long span. We definitely feel like we are more connected to the land after driving around on it.

It was our first time up in 2019 so we tempered our expectations but time goes so fast up there. In the future, hopefully near future you are going to see us make some moves so we can be on the land more and not have to drive back and forth as much.


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