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  • Kevin O'Rourke

New "Old" Skills | Bear Bottom Acres

This was another collaboration video started by Farm on Quail Hollow. I know I was a little reluctant to do this video because right now I feel a little overwhelmed with all of my work responsibilities. In addition our spring is going to be really busy so the last thing that I am thinking of is adding a new skill, let alone something that is "old". In my my mind everything is a new skill.

This was easy for Heather. She is going to learn canning. We now have a ton of seeds we are probably going to plant too much. We do need to learn canning to extend and preserve our harvest. It will probably take us more than a couple of years to experiment and find recipes and methods that we really like. Instead of waiting, and experimenting in a linear order, we will do a number of variations in one season and be okay that we will have waste with things that we do not like.

I was all in when I had Heather's support that we would spend the money for the tools and materials needed to learn stained glass. I had always loved stained glass art but I never had the motivation to learn because where was I going to replace a window in our house? Who has stained glass anymore? Well at our doctor's office they have a beautiful stained glass framed art piece that has birch trees.

I am also really interested in geometric shapes and patterns in nature. So if I can give a different perspective through a stained glass medium I am really excited. We also want to name our gardens. So if I make a bumble bee for instance and you have the morning light shining through....I think it could be a very interesting addition to the beauty of our gardens.

Once we get a snowfall and the gardening season has come to an end I will take classes in St.Paul which will be Fall/Winter 2019.


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