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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Indoor Seed Starting System - Cat Proof and Inexpensive | Bear Bottom Acres

Check out our cat proof seed starting solution. Watch us test it with real cats. We also show you how to build an inexpensive, small space seed starting system and take part in a battle build. Because of our expanded seed starting this year we needed to think about our seed starting set up. Last Spring Shadow and Raven were added to the family so we also needed to have something that is cat proof.

In this video you will see our very simple inexpensive set up that would be appropriate for an apartment or just starting out. We used a Sterilite container that was originally marketed for storing your wrapping paper. You could easily get some thing deeper that would house everything inside but you would want to scout out all of the materials to make sure everything would fit. A deeper set up would make it could make it cat proof.

I stopped by Fleet Farm after work on the North side of the Twin Cities after work when I was helping another store. I love Fleet Farm because they have a large selection of Carhartt gear. I picked up a t-shirt but while I was there I noticed a $30 "greenhouse" with 4 shelves. It is from a company called Shelter Logic, Model Number 70517. You can google it and we noticed Amazon carries it as well. Taking in the opportunity cost of time and effort to build something from wood made this a great value. But what I liked about it most was the form fitting plastic housing that we hope will make it cat proof. Ultimately we will see how it performs over the seed starting season. But you get to see our initial test.

In this video we use the time lapse feature in our Adobe software. Heather and I have a build off and one of the things that you will notice is that she starts taking apart my build when I started pulling ahead. We really like this feature and you will probably see more of it in the future and we will fine tune it's use.


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