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  • Kevin O'Rourke

If I Could Have One Thing Happen (A Collaboration With Rainbow Valley Ranch)

Rainbow Valley Ranch asked us: "If you could snap your fingers and have one thing happen, what would it be?" In this video, Heather and the kids talk about what they would do if they had this ability. We also ask the same question of some other channels.

Heather and I discussed this for quite a bit. So many things surrounded time and money. Those answers just seemed too simplistic. They were tactile but were devoid of feeling and emotion.

I personally would like to get 1 or 2 four wheelers. I believe that it would be a ton of fun for Heather and I to cruise the Soo Line Trail and camp along the way. It is going to be tiring to walk back and forth across the 40 acres as we do so many projects. Hauling or pulling out logs would be much easier. Most importantly I think it would be a ton of fun for the kids. Now I am more apprehensive then ever before about going into debt and have our cash flow restricted with another creditor. So more than likely we will wait.

Heather of course will tug on your heart strings because she said that she wanted more time with me. The kids also had a couple of fun/cute ideas.


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