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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse -Pie Challenge | Bear Bottom Acres

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Bear Bottom Acres | How well do we know each other? We ask each other 5 questions about ourselves and if our spouse gets one wrong, there is a messy consequence!

This was perfect timing because Heather and I were actually planning to do something similar because videos where we share more about ourselves seem to do better. Of course we are flattered that anyone would care. It is funny how well you think you know somebody but when it comes to little things, you might not have a clue, even though you sleep next to the person every night.

I knew Heather was going to ask me about authors and I looked at our bookshelves and I could not see any rhyme or reason. I just don't care and I do not have plans of ever getting cozy with a book. I believe I have read one book for enjoyment. While in the Boundary Waters I read an X-files book while sunbathing in the buck. I was young.

Heather and I actually had a standing joke that went on for years. I think it drifted in and out from joking to serious, to concerned to what did I get myself into. She wanted me to read baby books in preparation for Ozzie’s birth. I told her I didn’t know how to read. She said I see you read the sports section. I replied that I know about sports and recognize some things and with the box score and pictures I get enough out of “reading” the paper. She was never able to bust me reading anything else because I do not read for enjoyment.

When I went back to college to complete my degree, I think she was literally concerned because I had to take an art history and a literature course. I told her that I took them pass fail and to have faith that I would scrape out a passing grade. I ended up getting all A’s and made the Dean’s list so my cover was blown. Now we go with it because I still do not like to read but it is ironic that I author our blog most times.

I had asked Heather about my love of the number 78. It is my football number and I loved Anthony Munoz, Bruce Smith and of course the great Golden Gopher and Kansas City Chief Bobby Bell. It was such a disaster that it wasn't worth including and of course I knew how I was going to deliver the Pie.

I hope you all enjoy watching the video.


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