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  • Kevin O'Rourke

How to Order Seeds - Video 2 of our Seed Starting Series | Bear Bottom Acres

This is the 2nd video in our seed starting series. We went through the 4 must-do steps before placing a seed order in our last video. In this video, we use what we have learned to make educated seed selections for 2019 and talk about self control when buying seeds.

This was really fun for me. I tried to have reasonable restraint but hey it's my first time ordering seeds and a lot of the things we are going to plant will be in place of buying them at the grocery store so the way I see it we are winding up ahead.

We hope you enjoy watching.


Seed Companies:

Heirloom Solutions A wide selection of heirloom seeds. Great customer service. Family run.

Territorial Seed Company Really useful catalog that includes growing, spacing and harvesting information so you can make educated choices

Jung Seeds. A large selection of flowers, perennial fruit plants, trees, and vegetables. This is where we found Jerusalem Artichokes.

Baker Creek. Unusual, beautiful and hard to find varieties are offered here.

What we are adding in 2019:

Potato (early season): Purple Viking, Yukon Gold. We also have All Blue (late season) saved

Bean: Charlevoix Dark Red Kidney

Popcorn: Minnesota Rainbow, Strawberry, Glass Gem

Cucumber: Longfellow

Flowers: Bells of Ireland, Grenadin King of Blacks Carnation, Chinese Houses, Dusty Miller Silver Dust, Hollyhock, American Legion Poppy, Mr. Majestic Double, Colossus Marigold, Orchid Flame Nasturtium, Snack Mix Sunflower

Lettuce: Crisp Mint Romaine

Onion: Long Red Florence

Peppers: Aji Delight, Anaheim Chili, Beaver Dam, Early Jalapeno, Tabasco, Purple Beauty

Jerusalem Artichokes

Broccoli: Romanesco Italia

Celery: Pink Celery

Carrot: Black Nebula

Okra: Clemson Spineless

Pumpkins: Spartan, Knucklehead, Magic Lantern, Bellatrix, Howden

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