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  • Kevin O'Rourke

How to Build a Seed Storage System - Inexpensive and Simple

Heather was feeling a little under the weather and I knew that it would be difficult for her to be up to working on a video together. I took the initiative to do my first solo video. The project isn't that difficult with the tools that I have and it was fun to do something that would make Heather smile.

Each box holds about 100 seed packs with the ability to flip through them. We filled two but I wanted to have room to grow so I built a total of four. I created it around an Heirloom Seed Solution package which was the largest in our collection at 3 7/8" X 6". I used an air brad nail gun. You could easily use a drill but I believe it would take a lot more time. I used a couple of clamps to hold the wood steady on the first couple of ferrying strip boards but after that I held the would in place by hand. If I was drilling I would be more worried about staying centered and that the wood could possibly split. 8 Ferrying strips sandwiched between two end boards goes pretty quick once you get in a rhythm.

For the handles I could have bought some metal handles but with the idea of making this as inexpensive as could be I decided to use some rope that was only $4. Keeping in mind that each brad nail costs a penny, the total cost of each box was between $4 and $5. We couldn't find a solution any cheaper.

Personalizing it was fun and was an unnecessary additional cost but the ability to burn a design into wood will be used over and over in the coming years. I will probably do our logo next. You can see additional pictures on our Instagram page which is in this website as well as the sketch I made.

If you decide to make one and/or do a variation I would love to see a picture.


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