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  • Kevin O'Rourke

How Did We Get Our Name? |Bear Bottom Acres

This was a collaboration video started by Two Wild Onions Homestead. We were happy to do this video because we love our name. We had given little tidbits and references on how we arrived at our name on Facebook and other social media but this gave us a chance to put it all together in one place. There isn't a ton to add to this video, it speaks for itself. I do want to make reference that we used a small clip from "The Great Outdoors" Universal Pictures, Hughes Entertainment, 1988. There is rumor that they are going to do a remake of this movie with Kevin Hart. We think that it would be great because maybe people will come back to the original also. We hope that this video also inspires people to watch the original with their family and maybe buy a copy to watch when it rains on a summer camping trip.


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