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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Homemade Lotion Bars | Bear Bottom Acres

This video incorporated a lot of firsts for us. It is the first time we use our lighting. We also created a little studio downstairs that we can use during the winter. It is pretty simple, we just took a piece of dry wall and played around with the height that we should mount it at. We a had a special maroon paint mixed up in honor of The University of Minnesota and U of M Duluth. Heather and I are both graduates of our beloved Big Ten university but we also wanted to honor Duluth since we are in Bulldog country. Over time the pictures on the back wall will change and I could see it being a perfect place to show off a logo if we do sponsor videos in the future.

Our coffee table is an old dining room table that my buddy got me and this was back in my mid 20's. We cut legs down to make it an appropriate height. I tried painting it but it had a couple of stains on it and it made the paint bubble. So I thought it would be a great idea to have a custom made stainless steel top for it. It was less than a couple of hundred bucks. It has been a solid conversation piece for as long as Heather and I have been together. It is solid so you can stand on it. It is huge so you can play board games on it or use it to put a puzzle together. The reason I tell you about this is because I thought I could make something for our studio but Stainless steel prices have skyrocketed. We shopped a couple of places and they were both North of $400. Luckily I kept looking around and I found what is an add on to a tool box. It is a board covered by stainless steel that is supposed to rest on a inset on the top of a tool box. It was less than $150 including shipping costs and it was perfect. I made a base out of 2X4s.

Now we have a surface that we could do videos about cooking during the cold months with a really nice clean surface for preparing food. We chose to make lotion bars which was timely for making small homemade gifts in the Christmas season. I like this video because I was really blind to the process and I think Heather did a great job of leading me through the project. Nurses at Heather's work, the gals she volunteers with at the United Way and many others say that she should make some up and sell them. So it might be a future offering from Bear Bottom Acres.

We were also excited about our ending. We did a spoof on a Taco Bell commercial about an Instagram boyfriend. I included a link to the commercial on YouTube but we do a spoof on it and we think it is pretty funny. I discovered the ability to put a timecode in the comment section so people can go directly to the comedy. It is at 16:25 so we hope you have fun with that.


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