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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Garden Makeover | Garden Redo | Bear Bottom Acres

I do a complete garden makeover. Trying to film a Youtube video, run a plant sale and redo a corner garden that is seen by a lot of neighbors can be hard work. If you like the shovels I use in the video go to

I had made reference to this corner garden a couple of times in previous videos and I finally had the time to address it. A while back the balance of our gardening efforts was in my favor. Everything was landscaping and I did a lot to make it beautiful. The last time we made an effort in this garden, if my memory serves me correctly was when I was unemployed. I worked for Ultimate Electronics for 13 years before they finally went bankrupt. I used the opportunity to knock out a lot of projects and of course I estimated all of them to be $50 and in reality they were all a couple of hundred because I didn't know s%$!. Heather I am sure was worried that I didn't understand the gravity of our situation. I am sure I didn't show the proper grace in addressing her worries and concerns. So I sent Heather out to find some plants for the corner garden for a little bit of understanding on how it can get away from you and buy a little bit of wiggle room as I was taking advantage of not having a job.

Now 5+ years later it was time to give the corner garden a little sprucing up because it was getting out of control. I tried to do it for the lowest cost and when you take into consideration the money we made from selling some of the Sedum out of this garden it ended up making us some money.

I hope you enjoy the video because I tried hard to take pacing into consideration. I don't think you will find any new prolific information but it is fun to see a project realized from start to finish and you will see updates in our garden tours in the future.

Most noteworthy is our use of shovels from they have two that I use in this video and I can't tell you how much joy I have using them. Yes I could buy a good strong heavy duty shovel from a variety of places but the innovations that these shovels have are worth the extra money and I highly recommend them. They are worth every penny.


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