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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Exploring an Old Foundation | We Found a Weasel | Bear Bottom Acres

Sam and Heather explore an old foundation on Bear Bottom Acres. They find evidence of the old life that used to be on this land and in the process uncover some critters that are currently living there.

I just love it when Sam and Heather get to play together. Heather is just a great MOM and watching this video makes me very happy. It will be fun to look back, Sam is such a natural when she wants to be on camera.

After this video I am sure that we will probably get a metal detector or there are groups that get together and enjoy exploring land like this. We have so much clearing to do.

The family that owned the land before us had not been on the land for 15 years. They had a trailer that was ravaged when we first looked at the land and we negotiated to have it removed. My friend Brooke looked up photos from the 50's and it definitely looked like people were farming the land. The site that you see Sam on is the foundation of an old farm building like a shed. I would like to build on it and if I can find pictures of what it looked like I would spend the extra money to make a replica.

A lot of people are engaged on Facebook and they are hoping that we can find some buried coins because farmhands would bury money to keep it safe from others.

In either case there is a whole history that we want to understand when it comes to this land. You start off thinking that since it is on a dirt road it did not have a robust life previously but I hope we are surprised.


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