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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Did You Win? | Mid Year Pivot | Bear Bottom Acres

We announce the winners of our 1st ever giveaway. Share a few insights from our experience as first year Youtubers. Announce a slight mid year pivot in the content from Bear Bottom Acres.

This was a simple short video announcing the winners of our first giveaway. It was pretty cool because the first person to follow the instructions from our Youtube video was one of the winners. We only had 23 or 24 people enter because we asked people to go to this website and join our mailing list. Going forward as we celebrate milestones we will pick from the people that are current subscribers to our mailing list.

We did this for a couple of reasons. The most important is that Youtube, Facebook, Instagram are rented space. In the future we want to build a customer base that is local and then over time look at expanding as we examine and tackle the constraints of logistics. By having a direct communication through e-mail we will be able to adapt as the social media landscape as it changes.

The second is in response to one of our friend "Sapper Gardener". We saw his channel taken away and because of that I did a lot of research on doing contests or giveaways. You will notice a page dedicated to the legalese on our website. The last thing we would want to do is put our rented space on Youtube which in the future we hope is a revenue stream in jeopardy.

In this video we loosely take inventory on what we have done and our immediate plans and compare them to out our 2019 Previews and Predictions video. Buying a shipping container is a major mid-season pivot.


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