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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Did we reach our goals? (collaboration with Hey It's a Good Life and Practical Modern Homestead)

Did we reach our goals? Did we grab hold of our dreams? We take a look at 4 changes in our lives over the past year while sharing a very special treasure from the Twin Cities. A collaboration with Hey It's a Good Life and Practical Modern Homestead.

We kinda tied a couple of ideas conveniently together as we were fortunately tagged to do this video. I have learned that when there is a nice day outside you can't waste the opportunity to go filming. I went to the Como Park Conservatory in St.Paul on a beautiful day. It gives me a chance to think and do things with out the pressures of the family. Kids can get bored easily and sometimes you have to wait until the crowd clears so you can film what you like. I am glad that I did because I have never seen this space filled with poinsettias like it was. Absolutely beautiful. Also Heather is the type to follow the rules. Me, on the other hand, I believe in schmoozing. You are not supposed to have a tripod and for good reason. There are a lot of people walking through and you can't have things blocking a path. I talked to the guard and told him that I get it and he let me in with it. I probably could have flown the drone in there if I would have pushed it. Most of the time I used my tripod as a monopod and stayed out of everyone's way.

As far as our 4 goals we didn't sit down at the start of 2018 and say this is what we are going to do. We dreamed that one day we would get land but we didn't know this was going to be the start. Now we did a 2019 Previews and Predictions so I t will be fun to go back and compare but this year we had a chance to shape the narrative.


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