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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Christmas Color

Christmas color as a concept didn't seem like a bad idea. This video is our least watched so far so there must be room for improvement. Maybe it was timing. My thought is that releasing Youtube videos around Christmas might not be the best time of year if you want them to be seen. Of course it is also seasonal so maybe this will hopefully get views next year and we will try to release similar content right after Thanksgiving.

In either way it has been somewhat tough to come up with ideas after starting the channel at the beginning of winter. I was hoping that Gerten's would be starting to put out some of their gardening supplies but they go huge for Christmas and they were not to be changing the retail environment one minute early. It makes sense, because except for weirdos like us who is thinking about seeds and gardening supplies in December in Minnesota?

This video is just a celebration of Christmas decor and a chance to get out of the house in the middle of Winter. The most controversial aspect of the video was filming the drone footage. Heather hasn't had a chance to play with it and I do not know if she ever will. Early on a tried to grab it out of the air and I sliced my hand. The propellers go around very fast. So Heather probably thinks of it as a potential death trap. She was very nervous about me filming so she made me wait until the end. I tried to make her happy so we parked across the street and I launched from there. The problem was that there were power lines and the drone is very small and is hard to see as it moves away from you. It does make some sound so people would notice it. Make a long story short, the drone footage would have been more dramatic if she didn't get in my head. Probably best that she did.


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