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  • Kevin O'Rourke

Bottom Watering, Starting Flowers and Grow Room Updates

Bear Bottom Acres | Heather shares garden updates, including a grow room tour. Also included how and why to bottom water your seedlings and how to start flower seeds.

My baby did a great job once again but it just makes me so sad that we are not doing this stuff together. Besides both of us working full time jobs we choose to do opposite schedules so one of us is home with the kids. It might not be the best choice because we do not even have someone to watch the kids for a date night except for Heather's parents. But it is our choice and we feel it is the best but I really love all the time we do get to spend together and I wish there was more.

I love Heather's scientific approach. She really does learn from her mistakes and is always striving to do better. In my opinion our seed starting is really taking off. The seedlings look huge to me. Seed starting really mirrors our regular life. You can see all the time and effort that Heather takes everyday making sure these seedlings get a great start. Heather takes care of our family with the daily maintenance tasks and teachers our children with daily readings from the bible. I on the other hand do a lot of the big projects, new projects, tear stuff down and rebuild it. So, I am watching and looking for improvements to the larger infrastructure and what we will do next year to the growing system to be even more productive.

What people do not realize is how much time it takes to record and edit the videos. We look at this as our advertising arm of our business. We want to be transparent in everything we do because what do words like organic and grass fed really mean? We really want to pull the curtain back and show not only the way that we do things but our evolution of thought over time and why we make the choices that we do. One day we will do this full time and I will get to spend most of my time with the most amazing woman ever.


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