• Kevin O'Rourke

Announcing the 2019 Secret Gardener Seed Challenge | First playlist release on 4/27/2019 8AM Central

What to expect and the 6 channels that will be participating in the 2019 Secret Gardener Seed Challenge.

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Sunshine Farm


Green Dream Project


The Little Whitehouse


Our Organic Life


The Citystead


Bear Bottom Acres


We will be working together over the Spring and Summer to release 5 playlists of videos. The goal was to make each video between 5 and 8 minutes because we would like people to watch them as a playlist so time 6 channels we are asking people to watch between 30 and 48 minutes. That is a lot so the time constraint should really push the channels to quick and concise.

Rounds 1 through 4 we are asking the channels to not only identify the type of seed like (corn, herb, flower, tomato, pepper, etc.) but also the specific variety. I know that this might seem like an impossible task but with the help of everyone who watches, we will be able to crown a champion. Correct answers in the first round will be worth more than the last round of course. The most important thing is to have fun, be humble, and hopefully a little smarter then what we were at the start and make some friends along the way.

Round 1

Start the seeds for any of them that need an early start.

Round 2

Start the seeds that are direct sow and transplant the seedlings outdoors.

Round 3

An update now that everything should be in bloom.

Round 4


Round 5

Circle back to saving the seeds and revealing who each others' Secret Gardener was.

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