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  • Kevin O'Rourke

A Drone Is Not a Toy, It's a Tool | An ATV Necessity If You're Alone on 40 Acres | Bear Bottom Acres

A short video about using a drone to help make decisions in shaping 40 acres of raw land. Kevin also gets knee deep and needs help getting unstuck.

In this video I am all alone on the 40 acres. It was the first time I was by myself and of course Heather was worried about me. Could I cut my leg off? Could I fall on a tree stump cut by beavers that is left looking like something from the end scene in Apocalypse Now? I didn't foresee the panic I felt in the first hour.

I got started early. The sun was just rising. I followed the path that I had 2 weeks earlier and there was a spot where I had to gun it a bit. This time I started slowly and then I started to sink and you can see the rut I carved, form under the side by side. Panic did't set in until I started to look for something to attach the winch to. Did I test the winch or read the instructions? Of course not! Luckily the outcropping of brush was strong enough to anchor to and I was able to get out of a pain in the butt situation. My advice, if you have an ATV or similar vehicle, get the winch!

Many people are buying drones. During the Christmas season of 2018 millions were sold. It is an expensive purchase and there are a lot of limitations on where you can use one. Our original thought was to have the drone follow us as we move from one part of the 40 acres to another. It would make a nice transition and be a convention of our channel that takes advantage of our 40 acres and separate us from others that are developing a smaller piece of land. I didn't realize how useful it would be in getting to know our land. In this video you can see it being used as a tool to plan a path.


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