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5 Reasons to Homestead collaboration with Wholesome Roots

A channel that we subscribe to named Wholesome Roots gave an open invitation for other YouTube channels to create a video explaining why they homestead. We were already thinking about doing something like this but it was nice to be a part of our first collaboration because it is one of the main reasons that our channel got to 100 subscribers relatively quickly.

I don't want to transcribe the whole thing so below is a little more background on our 5 reasons so you can get to know us better. In addition we were one of the first channels to respond so we didn't think outside the box on a reason that no one else had.

1. Food - We didn't really get into this and maybe we will talk about it more in the future but Heather has a gluten intolerance. There are so many jokes that are in pop culture that make light of people that have this difficulty and it is really upsetting to me. About 6 months after Heather had Sammie she started developing severe symptoms, hospital serious symptoms. It was a real strain on our relationship and I am sure Heather felt very alone. The information almost a decade ago was nil. For over 2 years it was trial and error testing theories and some of the theories were down right offensive. For any family that has gone through this we feel for you. If you ever have a loved one that develops a sickness that cannot be explained encourage them to keep a food journal.

2. Community - I mention that I didn't have a father growing up. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 2 and my dad died when I was 5. My mom ended up getting a boyfriend that after 20+ years she finally married but we will keep it PC and say that he lacked the ethos to be considered any type of father figure.

For that reason Youtube is very important to me. I can't imagine life without Youtube. Being able to see other people's attempts at solving a problem is invaluable to me. I would really lack the confidence to try to tackle solutions to all the farmsteading problems we will face in the future. I hope that I can help and entertain people throughout this journey.

In addition Heather and her family are big fans of her grandfather Aymond. Ozzie's middle name is Aymond in honor of him. Unfortunately I never had a chance to meet him. By sharing on YouTube we hope everyone enjoys it but when future generations are on the land they will be able to see how it all started.

3. Projects - I love doing projects and putting it all together to solve a problem. I am most happy when I get to build something for or with Heather. I am most excited that I will be able to create our definition of the most beautiful place in the world. We will do it one rough sketch at a time.

4. Security - I worked for a company for 13 years that went belly up. I had to see it all the way though liquidation. What a horrible experience. Now I work for a huge company and rationally I should feel safe because I have a college degree and a track record for success. But I will probably always feel a little nervous until we get to a level of sustainable success on our farmstead. In reality I probably use that fear or insecurity to motivate me to always do my best. I have a little scrappiness about me so I perform well when my back is against the wall.

5. History - We took a camping trip down to Southern Minnesota to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park. It was a really special trip and we highly recommend taking the guided tour. The people that work there that make it come to life do an excellent job. #historicforestville I could tell that Heather changed a little on that trip and she has always loved history but it all come together in a very tactile understanding for her. I know that she will want to get things done efficiently with modern conveniences but she will also know and practice traditional methods for tasks on our land.

The last take away is that it is cold in Minnesota and we were uncomfortable to say the least so we better come up with a solution to make videos in the Winter.


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