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  • Kevin O'Rourke

4 Things to do Before Buying Seeds | Bear Bottom Acres

4 Things to do Before Buying Seeds. This is the 1st video of our seed starting series. Heather and I discuss the things that we needed to do before purchasing seeds from our favorite catalogs. You get a sneak peek at some of the tools and work we have done to be organized and preserve the value of our seed collection.

You know how you get that feeling that you should be doing something? Then you try to find a way to get it done. Do you ever feel like there are all of these, and for lack of a better word, "signs" that you should be doing something? It has just been piling up on me. Buying the land, doing the Youtube channel, and spending more time with my beautiful wife. I just was feeling the weight of influence saying that I should be involved in the gardening more. Previously I was waiting for my woodworking stuff, my garage, my space. Heather has taken over the garage for the most part. Well if you can't beat them join them. It is time for me to get my hands dirty and support my wife more.

This year we are going to tear up our large garden probably around 375 sq. ft. of garden space and replant it with many more vegetables and flowers for market. We are going to add 2 more raised beds. Then on top of the orchard we are going to start a garden of low maintenance items for up north.

Well where do you start? In this video we take a look at the 4 things that we needed to do before ordering seeds. Also before things get out of hand. Now more than ever we need to have systems. Heather and I will be sharing more space not only in the physical sense but also in our activities it could be seeds or it could be a file saving structure on the computer. Mostly about understanding so you can make wise choices but what I have recently become aware of is how important it is to save seeds and everything that goes into it. Yes we could buy seeds again but now we can choose the seeds from the plants that are doing the best in our climate and environment. That you can't buy.


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