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  • Kevin O'Rourke

4 Homestead Logo Design Considerations

Let's accelerate your learning curve and get you to a logo that you love faster with these 4 things to consider.

We absolutely love our logo and if you haven't checked out our merchandise please stop by the store. We plan on using it on everything. Truthfully though I sometimes have second thoughts when I contemplate that in the future we might do food production. Realistically does a Bear's butt on a chicken sound right? But that is so far down the line for us.

We will start off with gardening, humor, and flowers. I am really excited about our future, which includes small engines, ATV's, and a wood shop, I want to harvest my own wood and of course we will have animals but raising them for meat is one of our last priorities. We believe our logo will draw people with a good healthy sense of humor to our website, Youtube channel and Instagram. That being said make sure you think about the products that you will be slapping your logo on. Do not make a Quizno's mistake!

I will give you a little preview of the video.

1. Keep it simple.

Think of all of the different things you will want to make or plaster your logo on. How far away does it need to be visible? The more simple and more contrast that your logo has the easier it will be seen from far away. The most iconic logos are usually one word.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

I will expand on this in our next video but a one color screen printed shirt is usually less expensive per shirt than any other printing method. Of course there are tipping points with how many shirts you need where another process might make sense financially.

3. Fonts

I demonstrate how to get a lot of font choices but print them out and take it in for awhile. It is just like when you get a new car. You think no one has the vehicle. You have never seen one on the road. But as soon as you get one then it is all you see. Pick a few, print them out and look around it might be more popular than you think.

4. Hire a professional, Semi Professional or a Student.

Keep in mind how long you want to have a relationship for. We would like to go to an artist in the future and say "give this bear a face and a personality." We want to use variations for different t-shirts, change up the logo for different Holidays and of course different products seasons and years. We will open it up and try to find the right artist but this time we will have a sustained relationship and of course we will have a better idea of what we will expect in that relationship.

I hope the video accelerates your learning curve and if you end up making a logo that you love then it was worth all the time, effort and money you spent to choose what represents you and yours.


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