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  • Kevin O'Rourke

2019 Secret Gardener Seed Challenge Round 1 Results

6 channels find out how they did in round 1.

This was a fun video to do because anytime I can do something with my son it is such a good feeling. I think he nailed it in his role as "The Commissioner".

When I was thinking up the concept of the Secret Gardener Seed Challenge I was really worried that nobody would get even one correct. I was really pleasantly surprised and now I am kind of mortified that one team is in such a lead. I am really proud of Heather for being in 2nd place but it is a tight bunching in the 2 through 5 spots so hopefully we have some movement in the standings after the second round.

The channels knew who they were sending seeds to but this was a new concept for everyone. Do you try to send the most obscure stuff so the channel doesn't have a chance but in the end has some really cool unique vegetables or flowers? On the other hand do you try to make it easy because you think that it is going to be difficult? Or where do you land in between? I think all the channels had an eye opening experience and will up their game in the next round.


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