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  • Kevin O'Rourke

2019 Previews and Predictions |Bear Bottom Acres

In this video we look to the future and discuss some of our plans for this upcoming year. All of these ideas will become videos and blog posts in and of themselves so we will not go into that much detail but it will be good to revisit this going into 2020 and compare.

One reason that you should follow us is that we are going to be very transparent with costs and sourcing for these projects. YouTube is great but it is not effective for communicating detailed information. On our blog you will see the supporting information so you will have a clear case study that you will be able to tweek our work to more accurately predict your total costs in doing similar projects.

$ = Predicted cost from $0 to $1000

$$ = Predicted cost from $1000 to $3000

$$$ = Predicted cost from $3000 plus

$$ 1. Plant an orchard

$$ 2. Install an 8ft fence - around apple trees to protect them from deer.

$$ 3. Water solution - we will want to create a system where our investments can be hydrated throughout the year because we will not be able to make it up every week.

$$ 4. Clear Brush - in order to have wetlands conservation out to measure the land and discuss what we can and can't do we first need to clear some of the brush so they can see and measure plus we want to take in the sights of our ponds better.

$$$ 5. Build Bridge. More than likely this will have to wait because of the sheer cost of a structure that you could easily drive a vehicle with payload over but also it has to be beautiful.

$$ 6. Out House - We will need to create something that is beautiful and functional and most importantly low on the stink factor.

$ 7. Bird houses - They are a variety of native birds that we want to provide shelter for. Although they could be a liability if the eat the garden their value in keeping insects down will be well worth it as well as being beautiful.

$ 8. Beehives - I will make them and if they come great they will be native to the area otherwise we will focus on the project more in the future.

$ 9. Plant some large vegetables - We will plant a lot of pumpkins and whatever else Heather decides on.

$$$ 10. 4-Wheeler - I believe this is a high priority to add a fun factor for the kids and get

move things around 40 acres.

$ 11. Deer Stand - Heather's father Harlan is making a deer stand and it will probably become Sammie's fort.

$ 12. There will need to be some general clean up to get the junk off the land from 50 years ago.


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