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I have lived in the Twin cities my entire life and because of that, i believe that I will have a unique perspective for all of those who took math classes but really wished they would have taken advantage of the shop classes in High School.  With zero experience I will share everything that is involved in reaching a goal of making a living from our land and abandoning the safety of a traditional full time job.


Completed her Masters degree in Nursing in 2018.  Now My achiever wife will be turning her attention from schoolwork to her passion for gardening and food preservation.  She cares about celebrating the historical preservation of the skills that are valuable for our future farmstead lifestyle.  We share a passion for beauty and now through the lens on our land she will be getting back to be the art nerd she was when we she was kid.



do you have a child that cannot put down the video games?  Well we do too.  watch as we force him to cut the cord while we are on the land.  If we can convince him to give up his comfortable life and move up north then we will have to buy lottery tickets.  He is incredibly smart, kind and conscientious young man.  We couldn't be more proud.  Let's watch what happens when we put a pellet gun in his hand and give him a ride on a 4 wheeler.


This little girl is all in.  She would pack up tomorrow if she could.  She has plans for forts and friends.  She is a perfect helper for any project.  Again we are blessed with another child that is excelling in school.  We hope to foster an environment where she can learn everything there is to know about taking care of animals.  being a veterinarian may be in her future.

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